dealingsqft has established local and national banking relationships capable of providing asset acquisitions in the amount of up to $20 Million. The partnership’s relationships allows for quick, responsive and competitive acquisition capital. dealingsqft has the ability to source transactions with the reputation of being a “dependable closer” within the sales brokerage community. This dependability allows the Company to have continual deal flow from potential sellers. dealingsqft will continue to find the best “market” financing products available for new acquisitions or will assume existing financing should the transaction warrant.

The company has numerous financing options, both fixed and floating, for the purpose of bridge, short term and long term permanent financing. The partnership may time to time utilize construction for the purpose of providing the necessary capital for transactions that require extensive renovation or repositioning. It is the intent of the partnership to further expand its capital sources as the Fund evolves. Dealingsqft’s Principals, as managing partners of the limited partnership(s) understand that they may have to sign personally for construction loans should it be required by the prospective financial institution and will make every effort to shield the contingent liability to its limited partners.

Operational Strategy

dealingsqft operational strategy is premised on the following:

• Drawing upon NAI Capital’s 255 agents (local) and with over 3000 designated SIOR brokers (domestically),Dealingsqft brings intelligent and personalized sales and leasing operation;

• Experienced, in-house property management crafted with the end-user in mind;

• Use of the Funds strategic alliances with highly experience construction and design professionals who will add value during an assets renovation campaign;

• Creation of tenant amenities and services to enhance tenant quality of life leading to tenant retention and future rent growth;

• Implementation of technologically enhanced property management systems, which lead to increased accounting efficiency and more stable revenue streams;

• The Fund will seek out governmental assistance for those assets that are impacted by or are located within enterprise zones.